SCC Kids
SCC Kids is a ministry of Snohomish Community Church, where our goal is to introduce children to Jesus. With the help of our committed volunteers, we work as a team to teach children about God's love helping them discover how to become life long followers of Jesus Christ. Each week’s teaching centers on making God number one in their life, the importance of godly friendships, and the need to share Jesus’ love with others.
SCC Students
The Forge Student Ministries caters to the junior high 7th – 8th grade students and the senior high 9th – 12th grade students. Sunday Nights and Student Life Groups are geared separately and specifically for the ages within those school delineations. Our goal with the Forge is to allow an opportunity for every teenager who comes in contact with us, to have a chance to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to grow in their faith as much as they are willing to.

SCC Young Adult Ministry
GEN.Y was created to meet the needs of the "church's lost generation," ages 18 – 29. Small Groups are designed to encourage deeper friendships with each other and with God through fellowship and studying God’s Word together.

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