What is Group Life at Snohomish Community Church?
Small communities where adults are challenged to become fully devoted followers of Christ. The focus of our groups is to give people a place to belong, grow, and serve. It is our desire that our groups be a safe place for people to grow in their faith while establishing deepening friendships. We believe that God never intended for us to do life in isolation but that we were created for community with Him and with others.
What is the difference between a small group and community group?
We have a variety of groups here at SCC. Small groups are generally gender based, though we do have some with couples. They meet at the church, in homes, or local restaurants. Community groups are generally mixed, some are family based, and some provide childcare cooperatively by the members. As much as possible, community groups are set up geographically with members living in close proximity. However, due to the large geographical area that SCC’ers live in, this is not always possible.
When do groups meet?
Our groups meet all different days of the week and at various times.
What are the groups like?
Not all groups are the same though they will include Bible Study, discussion, prayer, community, and serving. Our vision is for each group to be a place where people are growing spiritually (real faith), where they are known (real friends & real help), and where they are reaching out (real adventure).
How can I join a group?
Complete a Group Life Inquiry Form and turn it into the church office or the Welcome Center; or complete the form on-line and email it to churchoffice@snocommchurch.org. Forms will be reviewed to determine the best fit with what individuals, couples, or families are looking for. You will be contacted by someone on staff or by a group leader and we attempt to place those interested as quickly as we can.
What do I need to do if I am interested in hosting a group?
To learn more about hosting a group click here.
What do I need to do if I am interested in facilitating a group?
It is SCC’s policy for all group facilitators to be members of the church. To learn more about being a member of SCC, please contact the church office.

Members interested in facilitating can contact the church: 425-334-9181 or churchoffice@snocommchrch.org. They will need to read through the job description and fill out a group leader interest form. You will be interviewed by a staff member and provided training in small group leadership. Previous experience is considered in determining what training is necessary.

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